Andrew Black

Director of Photography


116 Virginia Ave.

San Francisco, California   94110

Phone: 415.282.4480    Mobile: 415.652.6757



50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Krause by Steven Pressman and HBO 2013 Feature Documentary

I co-shot The story of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, a Jewish couple from Philadelphia, who travelled to Nazi-controlled Vienna to save a group of children from the impending Holocaust.   Premiered HBO April 2013


The Trials of Muhammad Ali by Bill Siegel and Kartemquin Films 2013    Feature Documentary

 I shot portions of this film that explores Ali’s years in exile.  Premiered at Tribeca 2013.

 National PBS Broadcast 2014  Many festival screenings.


Inequality For All by Jacob Kornbluth and 72 Productions, 2013     Feature Documentary

 I shot portions of this feature documentary looks at widening inequality in the US through the portrayal of the  influential former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.  Premiered at Sundance 2013


Years of Living Dangerously by Showtime 2014       Documentary Series

National Emmy, Non-Fiction Series

I shot portions of this series by Showtime on the issue of global warming


Standing on Sacred Ground by Toby McLeod, The Sacred Land Film Project 2012  Documentary Series

I shot most of these four hour-long films portray indigenous communities, their spiritual connection to the earth and their struggles to protect their sacred places.  Locations have included Papua New Guinea, Siberia, Hawaii and Alberta.


The New Environmentalists by the Mill Valley Film Group, 2004 through 2014, ongoing  Documentary Series

 Narrated by Robert Redford, these portraits of the Goldman Environmental Prize Winners air annually on PBS Shoots include The Republic of Georgia, Ghana, India, East Timor, Congo, Kazakhstan, Liberia, China, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, and Russia.  They have won several Emmys and numerous festival awards.


Utopia In Four Movements by Sam Green, 2010       Live Documentary

 A performance piece with film on the history and nature of utopia

 Opened at The Sundance Film Festival.  Has played throughout the world


Sicko by Michael Moore, 2007        Feature Documentary

 Shot portions this feature documentary by Michael Moore

 2008 Academy Award Nominee, Best Feature Documentary


Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore, 2004       Feature Documentary

 Shot portions of this feature release documentary by Michael Moore.

 Awards: 2004 Palme D’Ore, Cannes Film Festival


Emile Norman: By His Own Design by Will Parinello, Michael Tucker, Jill Eichenberry, 2006  Feature Documentary

 Co-shot this documentary about this well known Californian artist’s life and work

 National broadcast, PBS


Mustang: Journey of Transformation by Will Parinello, 2008, PBS 2009    Feature Documentary

 Documentary about the restoration of 15th Century Tibetan Buddhist Murals and Monasteries in the remote

 Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal.  The filming expedition required five days on horseback to arrive at the location.


Big Bigger Biggest by National Geographic, 2008      Television Series

 Portions of this National Geographic series


The Net by Oxford Scientific Films for Discovery, 2007      Documentary Series

 Parts of this four-part history of the Internet.  Broadcast 2008.


The Weather Underground by Sam Green and ITVS 2003     Feature Documentary

 Documentary about this revolutionary political group from the 1970s.  Currently in Distribution

 2003 Academy Award Nomination, Best Documentary Feature

 2003 Golden Gate Award, Best Feature Documentary, San Francisco International Film Festival


This So Called Disaster by Michael Almareyda, IFC 2003      Feature Documentary

Documentary of the staging of The Late Henry Moss directed by Sam Shepard with Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Jim Gammons and Woody Harrelson.  Aired IFC and festivals.   In distribution.


In The Light of Reverence by Christopher Mcleod, ITVS, Earth Island Films, 2001   Feature Documentary

Documentary about the Hopi, Lakota and Wintu American Indian tribes and their battles to save

their sacred land.   PBS, POV broadcast, 2001.  Numerous awards.


Scouts Honor   by Tom Shepard and ITVS, 2001        Feature Documentary

 Co-shot this Documentary about the Boy Scout’s exclusionary policy of gays. PBS, POV series, 2001

 2001 Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary, 2001 Sundance Film Festival

 2001 Sundance Freedom of Speech Award, 2001 Sundance Film Festival


The PLO by AIM productions for The BBC, 1999       Feature Documentary

 Documentary about The Palestine Liberation Organization and the status of the

 peace process with Israel.  Interviewed many prominent PLO and Israeli government officials


Dreaming of Tibet by Will Parinello, Mill Valley Film Group, 2003    Feature Documentary

 Documentary about the Tibetan community in Nepal, this film profiles several Tibetan

 individuals and families from urban Katmandu to the remote Himalayan Thupten Cholin Monastery


Drylongso: Pica's Story  by Cauleen Smith,  1998      Independent Feature

 Broadcast: The Sundance Channel and BET

 Awards:  Best Picture, The Hamptons Film Festival

  First Place South by Southwest Festival


Loners On Wheels by Susan Morosoli, 1998       Feature Documentary

 Feature documentary about a group of elderly singles on the road.

 Shot on location in the Southern California desert.

 Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network


Corporate Clients Include GE, T-Mobile, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and others.




San Francisco State University, 1991, MA Cinema.


Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio 1985, BA Comparative Religion


Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra, India 1984,

Certificate course Marathi Language and Culture


Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, 1983,

Certificate Mass Media Institute:  Film Production